St. Paul’s Parish officially began on August 01, yet the St. Paul’s Church itself was opened and blessed by Bishop Raymond Roy on November 23, 1980. St. John the Baptist Parish was formed in 1914 and recently celebrated it’s 100th year anniversary. St. Paul’s Church was built because of the ever growing population with the oil sands development and although there were two churches they continued to function as one Parish.


Bishop Paul Terrio announced in 2013 that the two Churches would become two separate parishes effective August 01, 2014 when the two would run independently to avoid the possibility of becoming a super Parish. It is his vision that the Parishes would remain relatively small enough that the Parish Priests would know the names of their Parishioners.    


The Pastor of St. Paul’s Parish is Fr. Limneo Zamora Jr. (Fr. Nong), the Secretary is Janet Alipio and Sherry Flemming is the Parish Coordinator & Youth Minister. The Missions that we serve are Fort Chipewyan and Fort McKay. St. Paul’s Parish ministers to the six elementary schools north of the bridge and Fr. Mercredi High School.  



St. Paul Church